Acupuncture is an effective modality for a variety of health issues. It's a preventative medicine that promotes health, relaxation, healing, and well being.



Electro-Acupuncture introduces a gentle current to the treatment. By selecting the appropriate frequencies, we can encourage the body to secrete it's own healing medicines.

Trigger Point Dry Needling

Trigger Point Dry Needling is the insertion of very fine needles into tight and sensitive areas of muscle and soft tissue. It “deactivates” areas of hypersensitivity relieving pain.


Gua Sha therapy creates space for fresh blood, and oxygen to move into the treated area promoting healing and normalizeation of tight, painful tissue. 


The space and increased movement that is created through Chinese cupping, allows tissue to be nourished and healed by an increase in blood and oxygen flow to the areas of concern.