Matthew Kegelman, RYT 200


Matthew’s interest in yoga began in 2008 when severe sciatica gently nudged him to take an Iyengar class regularly.  After a brief hiatus due to reconstructive surgery for an ankle injury that prevented him from walking, he resumed his practice discovering vinyasa yoga 2013.  He deepened his practice through many classes, and decided to embark on and complete a 200 hour teacher training with Inner Light Yoga.  Retired after 41 years of teaching Math and Science at Wilmington’s Salesianum, he naturally embraced the role of yoga instructor. The same fascination with the nature of time, space, matter, and life on this planet, that led him to the disciplines of Science and Math, ultimately and appropriately led him to the discipline of yoga. He has transformed his overweight, stiff, and injured body through the discipline of yoga.  Experiencing a slimmer, stronger, and improved body was far from the only benefit of yoga that Matthew enjoyed.  The joy of being in the present moment, free of future worries and past regrets, if only for an hour on his mat, altered his life in a far more significant way.  He discovered that the joy extended to his life off the yoga mat. His intention is to help his students find that joy, experience the present moment through a creative vinyasa flow class, with the primary importance placed on inner body awareness as opposed to an emphasis on form.  You may also find that you learn an interesting thing or two from the world of Science as well!