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Yoga and CBD Oil Workshop


11:15-12:00-CBD Oil Open Forum-
Join Clare Davis, our representation from Young Living Oils, from 11:15am-12:00pm for an open forum where all of your questions regarding CBD Oil will be addressed. Stay the whole time or just stop by with a quick question.

12:00-1:30pm-Yoga Flow w/ Oils-
Laura Mulrenin will guide you through a yoga practice with the support of therapeutic grade essential oils, and then offer a sample of newer oils, including CBD oil. CBD oil’s popularity continues to rise as claims of its benefits for chronic pain and anxiety increase. Come in and check it our for yourself.

The combination of oils and yoga will provide a cathartic experience that fosters physical, emotional and balance. Like yoga, essential oils are thousands of years old and have been tied with yoga in ancient India. Early yogis used oils, or attars, to calm the mind and enhance meditation. When paired with your yoga session, therapeutic grade essential oils can enhance and deepen your practice by accessing the body systems on a molecular level. The scents and applications of the oils are transmitted directly to the part of your brain that controls all the body systems giving the practitioner an overall feeling of balance & wellbeing. This class is suitable for all levels.  It will begin with a short centering. From there you will be lead through a sequence of postures, with gentle pauses for essential oil applications, concluding the session with relaxation and meditation during savasana.

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