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Pranayama Lab w/Derek McMahon


Pranayama Lab will explore the world of yoga through the lens of pranayama – ancient yogic breathing techniques handed down over the ages. “Prana” translates to “breath” or “life force.” “Yama” means “control. We will learn and practice techniques to help us control and direct our “life force”. Combined with our asana practice, these techniques can become a powerful tool to bringing clarity our bodies and minds.

The lab will cover the following topics:

A. Ujjayi- 
1. Puraka
2. Rechaka
3. Kumbhaka
B. Sama Virtta/1:1 ratio  
C. Vishama Virtta/1:2 ratio 
D. Nadhi sodhana
E. Kapalabhati 
F.  Bhastrika 
G. Bhramari


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