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Devas and Demigods Workshop: Heroes of the Asanas w/Justin Reilley


Hanuman, Anjanya, Virabhadra, Koundinya…What???? Who????

Interested in learning more about the legends that form the background for the asanas we practice??? Join Justin Reilley, an awesome storyteller and one of our most valuable local yoga assets, as he presents his Devas and Demigods workshop. He will skillfully lead us through an asana practice interwoven with stories of the heroes from Hindu mythology. Each story contains an element of adventure, courage, devotion and love. They convey a powerful message the can be applicable to our lives today.  Don’t miss this event!

More about Justin:
Justin Reilley, aka Instagram’s @thetattooedyogi, is the owner of Yoga Rebellion in Haddon Heights and is a handstand addict, skateboarder, martial art enthusiast, and avid crossfitter. He has been teaching in the South Jersey/Philadelphia area for over 5 years and has traveled all over the US to teach workshops.


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