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Sound Yoga Workshop w/Luz Shanti

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BE: Mentally Strong
Emotionally Calm
Physically Fit  

What does practicing The Sound Yoga involve?
There are five components that make up the practice of Sound Yoga. They are sound, breath, posture, movement and consciousness. When all these five components flow harmoniously together, Yoga happens!

SOUND. Sound is the central component of Sound Yoga and it consists essentially of Tibetan bowls and crystal bowls that produced sacred sounds, mantras that are chanted, spoken or sung and vowels and consonants that affect energy flow; certain frequency and vibrations in the form of sound can facilitate ecstatic states of consciousness, transform negative emotions, increase energy and dramatically improve health.

This powerful practice is designed to help you to release inner anger and remove the inner conflicts that sap us of our vitality and a sen se of self.  This is a great class even if you don't think you are holding onto anger or resentment as it has an overall brightening effect on your energy.


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